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FRIS is excited to announce the 2024 FRIS NIPD artwork Winner:  Vernon Chapman!  

Congratulations Vernon!!


Bio:  I’m Vernon Chapman member of Katzie First Nations and I look at myself as an apprentice of Jack of All Creativity. I like to work and handle a lot of different mediums such as Woodworking, DIY Techie-type stuff, crafts & repurposing.  But to draw is my biggest passion. I enjoy working on and have done, what I call coloring book type of art such as logos, stickers, calendars, and tattoo stencils. I like to work smart. Be kind. Stay humble and kind approach to life and what I do.  I’ve recently started to dabble and branch out doing digital media and various World Wide Web projects to tie all my knowledge and experiences, hoping to one day get my PhD or pass with honors.  I like to learn something new every day, so I’ll continue this path.

Description of Artwork:  Life is filled with twists and turns. We may not know where our journey will lead us or why certain obstacles appear in our path but it's important to remember that this is just a small pothole in our path and that there is a reason for everything. We only have two hands and can't always juggle everything as we often do. Turn your dreams into reality.

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