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national indigenous Peoples Day

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national indigenous Peoples Day

past national indigenous Peoples Day


Memorial Peace Park, Maple Ridge

June 18th 10am to 2pm

Title: Re-unification of the Spirits: Netsemet  

Medium: Pen and Ink


My name is Brandon Gabriel, my ancestral name I carry is Kwlwexwelsten. I am a Kwantlen First Nation band member.

Artist Statement: With recent and continuous findings of unmarked graves on former Residential School sites across Canada. Indigenous people and the rest of Canada must now reflect and look inward to find semblance for what has been done.In unceded Sto:lo territories, when in ceremony, or when us Sto:lo people gather to mark special occasions, and bear witness to each other's humanity, dancers and singers wear special regalia. In recent times, males wear a bonnet made from red cedar which is adorned with bird feathers. Females wear a red cedar band, usually adorned with some cedar embellishment like a cedar rose or a knot.I have done a singular cedar band that is both male and female and represents the unification of spirits into one. Transformation and unification of spirit is depicted on ancient petroglyphs in the area going back thousands of years on this land and is not a taboo subject. 

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