Meet The Team

Our dedicated Board members guide the organization to stay true and respectful to our principles and guide the Governance and Resource Development of the organization. We are growing to fulfill our capacity in the community while constantly keeping their eyes on the FRIS Mission, Purpose and Vision.

board of directors


clarence hall



Clarence has been on the Fraser River Indigenous Society board for 3 years. Born and raised in the lower mainland, his ancestors are coast salish  from Sechelt. Not raised in the culture he  has been on a journey to learn about indigenous beliefs and traditions and sharing them with others. Clarence enjoys spending time with family and friends and helping out in the community. 





Haydai, my name is RoseAnne Timbrell, I am the granddaughter of Enock and Josephine Joseph, and come from the Tl'az'ten Nation. The local Katize, Kwatelen and Sto:lo Peoples refer to me as the Keeper of the Fish, as the salmon swim from the Coast Salish Sea to where my people live Stuart Lake, BC. I am a mother of two grown boys, grandmother of three grandsons and aunty to 12 young adults. I am very proud of Fraser River Indigenous Society and the growth it has had, and will continue to do, in the coming years. I currently  have a private practice as registered clinical counsellor here in Maple Ridge and am a professor at the University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. I look forward to seeing you in community. Mussi, RoseAnne





Jessica is a financial advisor in Maple Ridge BC. She completed the LLQP program in 2018 and is currently working towards her certified financial planner designation.  With 10 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, she is excited to share her knowledge and work with such a great organization. Jessica is passionate about bringing financial literacy and education to families and seniors in the greater community. Family and community are very close to her heart, as she is a mom of three boys and has a large extended family. Born and raised in the Fraser Valley, she enjoys hiking and beach days with her three boys and husband. She is also a self-declared gluten free foodie with the heart of a bookworm. 

board of directors



Board of Director



Malissa grew up in Pitt Meadows and is a settler to this area. She has 27 years of combined experience in Indigenous health, social services, education, and youth care. She is excited to continue her learning journey and honored to share her experience with such a great organization.

Malissa is passionate about creating safe space for children and families to access support services. She enjoys traveling, 80’s action movies and spending time with her partner, son and daughter. 




Program Manager

(Family Development)

Don was born and raised in the community of Lax kw’alaams. He has been working for 29 years as a addictions worker, family support worker, health and social services supervisor and family preservation counsellor. He has attained various practice-related training in conflict resolution, supervision skills, and employments law. He has four children and five grandchildren. He has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria and is currently focused on his Master of Arts at Royal Road University. He looks forward to being part of this team and the amazing work already done here. Don spends his weekends relaxing by weaving and playing his guitar.

don wells


Program Manager

(Early Years)


Glenda was born and raised in Manitoba and is happy to call BC her home for close to 25 years. Glenda’s heritage is Métis, Algonquin (Quebec) and Polish. Glenda has a diverse background with her greatest passion working with children, youth, and their families. She has been in the Early Years field for over 20 years. Through these years she has attained a variety of education and experience as part of her professional development.   Glenda looks forward to meeting the children, youth and their caregivers and working with local community elders to build a positive, caring and cultural working relationship. 


Glenda Morin


Ginna Berg

MA - Executive Director


Ms. Berg brings with her years of valuable non – profit experience working in the Indigenous community with multiple stakeholders. During her career Ginna has demonstrated strong leadership skills both to community and staff. Her ability to create systems and succession planning will build a sustainable foundation for the future of the organization to grow and meet the needs of the community.

administration staff







Her great many years of experience in both industrial and governmental fields give her the ability to manage accounting requirements for a Non-Profit organization. Nazila is currently enrolled in a CPA course, and is working towards her certification. Her goal is to bring this knowledge and experience and apply it to daily activities at Fraser River Indigenous Society. Nazila sings in a choir in Vancouver and is trained in Classical Opera.Her great many years of experience in both industrial and governmental fields give her the ability to manage accounting requirements for a Non-Profit organization. Nazila is currently enrolled in a CPA course, and is working towards her certification. Her goal is to bring this knowledge and experience and apply it to daily activities at Fraser River Indigenous Society. Nazila sings in a choir in Vancouver and is trained in Classical Opera.



Mia Harry is from the Tla’amin Nation (formerly known as the Sliammon First Nation) which is located on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, just north of Powell River where she was born and raised.  Mia’s background includes graduating from Vancouver Community College in the Administrative Clerk Program, Secretary Program and Legal Secretary Program.  She then pursued a career as a Legal Secretary for approximately 5 years.  Then moved on to work various professional office positions with her Tla’amin Nation for approximately 20 years. From her past, Mia brings great knowledge and experience to her current position as the Administrative Assistant at Fraser River Indigenous Society.  Mia takes great pride in working for such a great organization and she feels so blessed to work with such wonderful people at FRIS and with other Indigenous people alike.

Program Aide

Rowan provides administrative support to both the Early Years and Family Development departments. He grew up all over the lower mainland, taking every chance given to go camping or visit the seaside. With love for his home always in the back pocket, Rowan went to college abroad to learn the ins and outs of the business world – looking to better understand what makes up a healthy and productive working environment. Rowan has office accountant certification as well as a well-rounded work history in customer service and management and administration. Fun fact about Rowan: He learned to fly a four-seater airplane before driving a car, in secondary school!

Housing staff


lizette peters


lisa smith

Indigenous Housing Support Worker 


Lizette is from the Douglas First Nation, located at the head of Harrison Lake, B.C. and apart of the Stl’atl’imx Nation. She brings her love of indigenous culture, heritage, and shared teachings from her elders and friends. Her background includes graduation as a Tribal Police officer and completing advanced training to become an Instructor/Trainer in defensive tactics. Shew was a Basic Standards Trainer for professional and private security individuals. In this capacity, she was able to work with indigenous people from as far as Davis Inlet, Labrador, to B.C. She devotedly cares for others, and welcomes self improvement, growth, in her own spirituality, health and wellness. In her current role as a Housing Support Worker, she enjoys making a positive difference, working to prevent homelessness.

Resource Navigator



Lisa is a  proud Indigenous Métis Woman, from the Spiritwood and Witchikan Nation in Saskatchewan. She was born and raised on Vancouver Island and has been a resident of the Lower Mainland for over 20 years.

Lisa brings diverse experiences working with health care, legal, and non-profit organizations and it is especially with Indigenous non-profit where she thrives and feels a sense of belonging. Lisa has gained resilience and continues to develop her personal and professional life by being more empathetic and compassionate. She believes in taking a culturally centered approach meaning listening and softening of the heart. Lisa takes immense pride and honour in her new role as Resource Navigator at Fraser River Indigenous Society. It brings her joy to contribute to the team and community and it makes her heart happy to see hope in client’s eyes when they see that they are not alone and feel valued! 

Family DEVELOPMENT staff


Stephen Schumacher 



Supportive Access Staff 


He has completed his Family Community Counselling Diploma at the Native Education College, Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Degree with the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) and continued with a Certificate with the Chemical Addictions program (CHAD) at NVIT.

In his career, he had worked as an ABI (Acquired Brian Injury) Community Support Worker, Mental Health Transition Worker, and Temporary Housing Program Coordinator/Housing Outreach Worker.     

Some of his hobbies includes, chess, playing tennis, bike riding, and walking.   

Family Strengthening Worker 

Roy Leathem brings over 30 years of outreach experience to help the healing process of the homeless and those in addiction.

Being of Cree descent, he has firsthand experience of  First nations culture and traditions. 

His specialty is developing and running outreach programs as a consultant to Trinity Western University, The Salvation Army, and several Churches.  His Strength is being able to come along with people, being  understanding of needs, and developing trust to help find solutions. He now provides Family Strengthening to First Nations people through FRIS



Indigenous ECE Coordinator

(Early Years)



Kathleen was raised in North Western Ontario and moved to BC as a teenager. Her adult life and career have been dedicated to Early Childhood Early Learning and Care. She graduated from Douglas College in 2003 with her ECE diploma, specializing in Special Needs. Having been raised in a family that nurtured the development of children with special needs, Kathleen developed her appreciation for all the gifts children bring to the community.  A parent and caregiver herself, she recognizes the value of connecting family, Elders and community.  Kathleen is passionate about connecting children to culture and land.  A parent and caregiver herself, she recognizes the value of connecting family, Elders, and community.  Fun Fact about Kathleen:  She is passionate about connecting children to culture and land and enjoys Alpine hiking/backpacking with her family.

kathleen macdonald


Aboriginal/Indigenous Infant Development Consultant



Meghan was born and raised in Burnaby, BC. Her ancestors are European, Chinese, and Coast Salish from the Sunshine Coast. Meghan obtained her Bachelor of Social Work from Douglas College and has experience working with children, youth, and adults across the Lower Mainland. Meghan believes each child is a gift and takes pride in her role as an Aboriginal/Indigenous Infant Development Consultant. Fun Fact about Meghan: She took competitive dance for 15 years, with focus on ballet and did a performance at Disneyland!  





Aboriginal/Indigenous Infant Development Consultant



Kassidy was raised in Coquitlam/Burnaby BC and currently resides in Maple Ridge BC. Kassidy’s heritage is Metis, Irish, and English. Kassidy obtained her certification in Early Childhood Education in 2013 and in 2017 she obtained her ECE Diploma, specializing in special needs education. Kassidy has been working with infants and toddlers of all abilities since 2013. Kassidy has a passion for working with children and is very excited to bring that passion into her career as an Aboriginal/Indigenous Infant Development Consultant. Fun Fact about Kassidy: She is a photographer, and an avid hiker!  






Aboriginal/Indigenous Supported Child Development Consultant



Kaamil was born and raised in India and moved to BC after high school. She graduated from University of Fraser Valley with an ECE certificate and CYC degree. Ever since she has dedicated her adult life and career to working with children and youth in different settings. She is highly passionate about her work and believes that a strong support system can change the life of anybody who needs it.

Fun Fact about Kaamil: She spends her free time sketching and painting whenever she can get her hands on some art supplies!





Aboriginal/Indigenous Supported Child Development Consultant



Anna was born and raised in the Fraser Valley. Her family’s background is Mennonite, Swedish, and English. She has worked in the Early Childhood Education field for 6 years and has completed her ECE certification and a degree in Child and Youth Care at University of the Fraser Valley. Anna feels very blessed that the career path she has chosen is one which allows her to meet people of all cultures and experiences and brings her so much joy. She is passionate about working with youth, children and families and approaching all circumstances with a holistic and strengths-based mindset. She hopes to always be growing in empathy and authenticity in her practice. Anna loves gardening and being in nature. Fun fact about Anna:  she bakes wedding cakes in her spare time!



Indigenous Child and Youth with Support Needs Guide



Farahnaz was born and raised in Iran and moved to BC with her family in 2015. She has a master’s degree in Women Studies and ECEA certificate from Pacific Rim College, Victoria, BC. She has dedicated her life to working with children and women from diverse cultures. She is extremely passionate about working with children and youth which is an inseparable part of her life. Working as an Indigenous Child and Youth with Support Needs Guide fulfills her dream of supporting the Indigenous community. She is a great communicator and believes all problems can be fixed through communication.  Fun fact about Farahnaz: she plays the piano, goes nature walking, and watches movies.




Clarence Hall - President
RoseAnne Timbrell - Secretary
Jessica Eckstein - Treasurer 
Malissa Smith - Board of Director



Ginna Berg - Executive Director
Nazila  Hajyzadeh - Accountant
Mia Harry - Administration
Rowan Lerma - Program Aide
Don Wells - Family Development Manager  
Glenda Morin- Early Years Manager 
Kathleen MacDonald - Indigenous ECE Coordinator
Meghan Rae - Aboriginal/Indigenous Infant Development Consultant
Kassidy Dixon - Aboriginal/Indigenous Infant Development Consultant
Kaamil Sidhu - Aboriginal/Indigenous Supported Child Development Consultant
Anna Dick - Aboriginal/Indigenous Supported Child Development Consultant
Farahnaz Moslem - Indigenous Child and Youth with Support Needs Guide
Lizette Peters - Indigenous Housing Support Worker
Lisa Smith - Resource Navigator
Stephen Schumacher - Supportive Access Worker
Olivia McDonnell- Access Aide
Roy Leathem - Family Strengthening Worker 
Skyyes Gabriel- Community Engagement