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community and healing circles


Indigenous cultural practices are at the base of all Fraser River Indigenous Society programs.
We have sharing circles and community gatherings to offer a culturally safe environment and access to those practices which build on your strengths and assets.
We acknowledge the diversity of the peoples we serve: Urban First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples; people who maybe living far from their territory, those who are displaced from their communities and heritage through colonial rule, and those with mix family dynamics.

community groups

Men's Circle

Providing a safe place to talk, learn new activities and enjoy the company of others

Women's Circle 

For Indigenous women seeking support and a safe, confidential place to meet

Youth Group

Hosting activities in conjunction with Maple Ridge Community Services

if you or your child wants to connect with activities or peers contact

Traditional Kitchen & Family Life Program
Oots'n Wineeya
(Soul Food)

This program will provide educational opportunities to practicing food preparation, healthy eating, and preservation skills.

building resilience and celebrating indigenous culture

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